Maths at Easton

Curriculum Intent

  • To be fluent in calculation methods progressing to complex problems so that pupils can have the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. 
  • To be able to apply maths skills within real life contexts. 
  • To have a depth of understanding that enables them to reason with maths, using mathematical language where pupils can justify and develop an argument 
  • To solve problems using maths skills (breaking down into smaller steps) 
  • To have solid rapid recall of times tables and other number fact (and recognising the inverse operation) 
  • To enable the children to have exposure to all areas of maths which caters for the needs of all individuals and supports them in attaining essential skills and knowledge that is needed for them to be successful 
  • To be confident in using concrete and pictorial resources in solving maths so that abstract concepts can be solved  


  • We use White Rose to support the implementation of our maths curriculum. Through this, the children are exposed to fluency, problem solving and reasoning in line with the national curriculum expectations. 
  • Maths is taught in blocks by concept to allow the children to consolidate and deepen their knowledge before learning new concepts. Medium term plans support this from Rec – Y6. 
  • A progressive calculation policy is implemented across the school to ensure consistency and progression of calculation methods. 
  • Lesson starters recap prior knowledge to ensure that concepts have been learnt and remembered. 
  • Times Tables Rockstars, Numbots and Mathletics are used to support the children in consolidating taught number facts outside of the classroom learning time. 
  • ‘Keep Up’ Maths interventions, pre- teach sessions will be used to support children with accessing the age appropriate maths content and address any misconceptions.  
  • Pupils’ progress is consistently monitored through teaching, formative assessments 
  • Progress is monitored and gaps are identified through Hot and Cold Tasks which occur at the beginning and end of the unit 
  • Summative assessments (NFER and SATs) are conducted in terms 2, 4 and 6, which moniter pupils’ progress and attainment. This data informs discussions during PPMs, where tailored learning opportunities can be discussed. 
  • Maths is active across the wider curriculum, ensuring skills are applied in different contexts.

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